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Happy Birthday longleggedbeast!!!!

Hi!! This is Rcoaxum1! I'm just here posting a birthday flyer for longleggedbeast! Happy Birthday!!!

Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice

What is your favorite old-school video game?
My favorite old school game would have to be the old Sonic the Hedgehog games like "Sonic and Knuckles" and "Sonic 3."  I also love Pacman and Strider Returns.

This is my ontake on Cosgrove Hall's version of the Russian folktale, "The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship." Most of you probably have heard of this classic tale from watching the PBS series "Long Ago and Far Away" when you were kids, well, this is my review on the famous story from Cosgrove Hall.

“The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship” is one of the stories featured in the 1990s PBS series, “Long Ago and Far Away” and is apart of the Cosgrove Hall series and is probably the most well known story out of the entire series.  For those of you who have not read the original story from where this story was based off, the story is about a young woodcutter named Pyotr who stumbles upon a beautiful flying ship and heads towards the Tsar’s palace after he hears about the proclamation that whoever builds a flying ship will marry his daughter, the princess.  “The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship” will definitely be a classic story that both adults and children will cherish for many years.




The story begins when Tsar Nikolai (voiced by Robin Bailey) receives a beautiful gift, which is a golden miniature ship, from the Prince of Anatolia (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert).  The Tsar’s daughter, Princess Alexeya (voiced by Barbara Wilshere) is unimpressed about having the Prince of Anatolia as her suitor, so she convinces her father to make a proclamation that whoever builds a flying ship will marry her, so that she can get out of marrying the Prince of Anatolia.


So Tsar Nikolai sends out the proclamation throughout the country and eventually, the proclamation reaches the countryside where a young woodcutter named Pyotr (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert) and his brothers Boris (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert) and Sergei (voiced by Alan Rothwell) reside in.  Boris and Sergei eventually find the proclamation posted on the tree and they decided to go the Tsar’s palace just to be rich.  So, the two greedy brothers ask for their parents’ (voiced by John Woodvine and Miriam Margolyes) blessings and their parents gave them their money and their gun and the brothers go on their way towards the Tsar’s palace.  Unfortunately, the two brothers did not come back home because they spend all their money on food and gambling and were afraid to come back home to face their parents. 


So, Pyotr decides to leave home to find his brothers and eventually, he meets an old man (voiced by Maurice Denham) who he shares his food with.  The old man then tells Pyotr that he should let anyone who crosses his path come with him to the Tsar’s palace and after Pyotr hears this advice, he suddenly feels sleepy and falls asleep.  While Pyotr is sleeping, the old man begins making the flying ship (which looks like a giant ice sculpture of a swan) and after he finishes, Pyotr wakes up and sees the flying ship and he hops aboard and sails off towards the Tsar’s palace.  Along the way, Pyotr meets several unusual people who each have a special ability and they were the Sharpshooter (voiced by Martin Jarvis), a runner named Lightning (also voiced by Martin Jarvis), a farmer who carries Siberian straw (voiced by Edward Kelsey), the Listener (also voiced by Edward Kelsey), a Forester who carries sticks (voiced by Edward Kelsey), and his wife who eats everything twice her size (voiced by Miriam Margolyes).


As soon as the seven friends arrive at the Tsar’s palace, they encounter the evil Lord Chamberlain (voiced by John Woodvine), who gives them impossible tasks to complete before Pyotr can marry Princess Alexeya and if the seven friends do not complete these tasks, then they will either be banished or beheaded.


Can Pyotr and his friends complete these impossible tasks and will Princess Alexeya find her true love?


Watch the rest of this film to find out!




There are so many good points that this film contains and one of the points that I like to focus on is the animation.  The animation for this film is pretty top notch for films made in the early 1990s as the characters move very realistically, even though they are puppets.  The puppet animation in this film is incredible, as the characters’ facial expressions look real and detailed, especially of the facial expression of Pyotr looking surprised in various scenes of the film.  This film has a number of scenes that are very memorable and some of the best scenes in this film is both the scene where Pyotr and Princess Alexeya are riding in the flying ship together and the scene where the Forester’s wife starts eating all the food brought by the Lord Chamberlain as one of the tasks that Pyotr and his friends have to complete.  In the scene where Pyotr and Princess Alexeya are riding in the flying ship together, the landscape is breathtaking as they sail in the sky and you can see the sunset in the background, which provides a romantic mood in the scene between the Princess and Pyotr.  In the scene where the Forester’s wife is eating all the food provided for them, this scene is probably the funniest and most boisterous out of all the other scenes as we see the Forester’s wife stuffing food in her mouth like she was some kind of black hole that is never full.  Mark Harding’s music is mesmerizing and beautiful, as it is Russian influenced, yet has a dreamy sound to the soundtrack.  The scene where the music is highlighted the most is probably the scene where Pyotr and Princess Alexeya are sailing in the flying ship together as the music sounds dreamy and is accompanied by a guitar sound.  I also enjoy the character development of all the characters, especially of Pyotr and Princess Alexeya.  Pyotr is presented as a humble and kind hearted young man whose main purpose of the film was to find his brothers, which I found to be very intriguing and I love the way that he is kind to everyone he meets, even towards the evil Lord Chamberlain.  Princess Alexeya is presented as a kind and independent woman, since she stands up to her father about who she wanted to marry, which I found her character very inspiring towards women who find themselves in that situation.




“The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship” is probably one of Cosgrove Hall’s most memorable films ever created and is will surely be a cult classic among children, for its innocent story line and for adults, for its romance scenes and witty humor.  I would recommend this film for children ages six and up due to some intense scenes (even though I think that these scenes were not as intense as certain movies for older kids) and that some smaller children might be tired by the length of this film.


If you want to check out the other versions of this classic folktale, I would suggest reading the original version written by Arthur Ransome, which is also called “The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship” and the Rabbit Ears’ version that is narrated by Robin Williams that is called “The Fool and the Flying Ship.”

New Rabbit Ears Website!

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I have created a new Rabbit Ears website dedicated to the famous Rabbit Ears series.  What is Rabbit Ears you ask?  Well, Rabbit Ears was this children's program that started in the mid 80's and what it contains is celebrities, illustrations, and music galore.  What I mean is that every story has a celebrity narrating it such as good examples would be "The Fool and the Flying Ship" which is narrated by Robin Williams and "The Velveteen Rabbit" which is narrated by Meryl Streep.  Also, each story is illustrated by a famous artist such as "The Fool and the Flying Ship" being illustrated by Henrik Drescher and "John Henry" being illustrated by Barry Jackson.  Also, this series was well known for its music as each story has a well-known musician performing the music such as "The Firebird" having Mark Isham performing the music and "The Fool and the Flying Ship" having the Klezmer Conservatory Band performing the music.  You might have recognized this series from channels such as Showtime and PBS.  The good news is that these stories are now available on DVD and in book format and they are available on the Rabbit Ears website which the site address is located at:


Also, about my new Rabbit Ears website, you can talk about your favorite Rabbit Ears stories with other members and anyone can join this fantastic website and you can even do fan art about your favorite Rabbit Ears characters for anyone who is interested in art.  This website is located at: